What Happened To The Young Man That Allegedly Stabbed Afrika Bambaataa in 2013???

Afrika Bambaataa & Hassan Campbell back in April 17, 2016 [Press Photo]

What happened to that boy?” Hassan Campbell rhetorically asked on the Queens Flip episode 29 broadcast, “All I know is I was one of the soldiers that was supposed to (hit) him”.

Hassan “Poppy” Campbell, ex-Zulu affiliate and alleged molestation victim who came forward with his story in 2016, exposed Afrika Bambaataa (pioneer resident DJ of Bronx River, NY) for engaging in sexual acts with young boys that stemmed for decades. Bamabaataa allegedly began grooming Hassan “Poppy” Campbell at the tender age of 12, as he stated in the Dave Wedge interview in the October issue of Vice Magazine, “Bam was like the uncle that paid your way to college, but molested you”.

Like Hassan, there are several other men that came forward with identical allegations of the DJ engaging in sexual acts when they were underage…allegedly. All groomed by way of a black book that had nude photos of other young men, and the vulnerable situation of the young men’s living conditions, according to Hassan Campbell in Queens Flip episode 29 broadcast. Bambaataa was the Pederasty Pied Piper of Bronx River of sorts, using his position in the Hip-Hop industry to “woo” young men with monies and gifts, as well as notoriety in Zulu Nation.

Which brings us to the 5-year anniversary of the alleged stabbing, drugging, & date rape of a young Spanish man who resisted Bambaataa’s pederasty acts by stabbing him. If you use logic, it’s transparent as Saran Wrap that the young man obviously did not like the same-sex advances Bambaataa forced upon him. This incident allegedly occurred back in April 1, 2013 which Bambaataa and manager Ahmed Henderson were stabbed in result of the young man that “came to” his inebriated slumber. The chain of events that lead to the alleged stabbings are still unclear, and the young Spanish man has somehow vanished into the dusky streets of New York after wanting to go public with his accounts of the alleged drugging/date rape incident.

#PRRRRRRRRRWHATHAPPENED2THATBOY2013 (stemmed from the banger by Birdman & The Clipse) was coined and originated by fellow YouTuber Israel Doctrine who like myself and others who want to know what happened to the young man. Since there’s no face or voice for the young man we have to now take into consideration of what Hassan “Poppy” Campbell said out of his own mouth…on his own record, “What happened to that boy? I know I was one of the soldiers that was supposed to hit him“, in reference to Bambaataa ordering Hassan to (kill) hit the young man in act of revenge for the stabbing and possible exposure as being a homosexual pedophile or “HOMOPHILE” as I’d like to call him.

Street code of silence? Possible death? Or is it possible the young man wanted to retract his accusations of the alleged date rape incident?

To this day, the whereabouts of the young man remains a mystery. The #PRRRRRRRRRWHATHAPPENED2THATBOY2013 campaign was launched in hopes of gathering information of the whereabouts and well-being of the young phantom Spanish man.

What Happened To The Young Man That Allegedly Stabbed Afrika Bambaataa in 2013???

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