The Expose Of Dr. York: Part 1

The Expose Of Dr. York: Part 1

May 8th, 2022, marks 2 decades ago that the cult leader Dwight York was arrested in the parking lot of Kroger’s in Milledgeville, Georgia.

He was convicted of was convicted on ten counts, including RICO (18 U.S.C. §1962(c)), RICO conspiracy (18 U.S.C. §1962(d)), conspiracy (18 U.S.C. §371), three counts of transporting minors in interstate commerce for the purpose of criminal sexual activity (18 U.S.C. §2423(a)), one count of travel in interstate commerce with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity with minors (18 U.S.C. §2423(b)), and three counts of structuring cash transactions (31 U.S.C. §324(a)(3)).

You would think that his victims would be able to breathe a sigh of relief but unfortunately, their nightmare was just beginning.

Dwight D. York, also known as Malachi Z. York (known as York for the rest of this article), is the leader of the United Nation of Nuwaubian Moors, a religious ministry/Native American tribe that has existed in some form since the 1960s.

Over the years, the Nuwaubian organization’s official philosophy (as well as its name) has changed several times, alternatively finding its basis in Islamic, Hebrew, ancient Egyptian, Yamasee Indian, and various other cultures and religions.

The organization was founded in Brooklyn, New York and later moved to Eatonton, Georgia.

Even though York has been incarcerated for a very long time, the members are still on a campaign to get him released from prison.

The methods being used to accomplish this range from falsifying passport documents and trying to break him out of jail down to harassing the child victims and others vital to the arrest of York to get them to recant their statements that were vital to the 135-year conviction that keeps York behind bars to this day.

The victims, former FBI agents, and even some of York’s own children are being vilified, slandered, and publicly shamed from various social media platforms.

Their crime, you might ask???

Reporting against York for the sexual assault of minors leading to his arrest and conviction.

One of York’s daughters, Faatimah M Faah, shared back in April 2015 what her brother (Jacob York) has had to deal with following the aftermath of York’s incarceration…

I’m Faatimah the daughter of York and Zubaida.

My mother and father along with many sisters and brothers were key in the starting and building of the community.

I’m Jacob York’s older sister.

I was the first batch of children that was born and raised in the community.

What all of you must remember first is that Ansaars existed for 25+ years prior to Nuwaubian and is the longest to exist of all.

I’m here only to defend my brother Jacob.

I’m not going to argue nor have an ego battle with anyone.

I’m not obligated to explain anything to people who were not there behind closed doors to witness anything. It’s unfortunate that people are attacking Jacob and not know the whole truth.

Jacob and I lived together during that time and I witnessed his involvement.

Jacob never plotted to do anything to our father.

His interest was to assist the people that contacted him for help, including a mother that had children by York that needed help.

One of her children had Down Syndrome.

The people in the video like Leah York wasn’t even around during that time so the question should be, what was she doing talking about a plot when she wasn’t there.

Farah also was on the video, talking about Jacob plotting but we never even met her before this.

As for Habiba, she had her own agenda.

She was the head of the finance on Kadesh (Later called Tama-Re), so the question should be, why didn’t she take any responsibility for the Rico case?

Why wasn’t she convicted like the rest of his wives that were incarcerated?

What deals did she make to get off and walk away clean?

We have all been victims of one thing or another.

We need to stop pointing individual fingers at one another and start to heal.

Jacob is one of us, and we will no longer stand for anyone attacking any of us without standing up for them.”

We will keep you posted as this story develops…

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