5 Female Rappers That Should’ve Made It

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There’s a certain demographic in Hip-Hop that has been overlooked since the beginning of time and even to this day. Not only has this demographic been overlooked for so long, they have also been under-represented to the point of even marginalization. This demographic in question happens to be female rappers.

It’s bad enough that most male rappers (who are already over-represented in Hip-Hop as is), from solo artists all the way down to groups, come into the game to make an impact only to barely scratch the surface after it’s all said & done. Bigger blows seem to be dealt when most talented female rappers—once again, soloists & groups—never go as far as they should. With that said, I would like to focus on 5 solo female rappers that should’ve made it below…

  • Heather B: With an affiliation with KRS-One’s Boogie Down Productions and being a cast member on the first season of MTV’s reality show “The Real World”, you would think that this Jersey City femcee was poised for stardom. But for reasons currently unknown, things didn’t happen like that for her. She would eventually find her calling as a radio personality which is a position that she currently holds to this day on Shade45’sSway In The Morning”.

  • Lin Que: Now, here’s a rapper that I thought had next. But for some reason, it never happened for her. Unfortunately, her affiliations with X-Clan & MC Lyte did very little to get her to where she wanted to go with her craft. As of the late 90s, she has been doing A&R work plus graphic design—according to sources.

  • Suga: She came into the Rap game as Sweet Tee. But it wasn’t until she reinvented herself as Suga that she left had me (an eighth-grader, at the time) wondering what else she had to offer past her breakout single “What’s Up Star?” Unfortunately, I would never know the answer to that question as I would never hear anything else from her after that track. Hopefully, I’ll have the answer soon as she is currently working on her new album ‘Queen Of QNZ’.

  • Bahamadia: This Philly femcee is one that I had mad hopes for. She would never blow up on the mainstream level, as the mid-90s made way for “sex sells”-type rap from Foxy Brown & Lil Kim, but she would continue her career on the underground level with her most recent offering being her 2014 single “We Here”.

  • Nonchalant: The Chocolate City native made her mainstream breakthrough with her 1996 informative single, “5 O’Clock”, which every media outlet known to man kept in rotation 25/8. She kept her run of singles going until she was dropped from her label back in 1998. After dropping her single “Flyin’” (from the soundtrack of Dave Chappelle’s stoner-comedy “Half-Baked”), featuring 80s new wave band Tom Tom Club & British Trip-Hop artist Tricky, she hasn’t done much of anything since then.

Do you know of any other female rapper that should’ve made it??? Let us know via email so we can add them to future versions of this editorial.