Watch BBC Africa Eye’s “Trapped In Oman” Documentary

BBC Africa Eye presents Trapped In Oman [Full Documentary]

BBC Africa Eye investigates the plight of Malawian women lured to Oman with offers of domestic work, only to be trapped in a cycle of exploitation, with little hope of escape.

Through WhatsApp voice notes, videos, and texts, this documentary reveals their abusive ordeals, and exposes the tactics of agents that traffic and then abandon them.

The investigation also examines the poverty and desperation that leads young people to seek opportunities in the Middle East, and the weak justice system that often allows their employers to abuse them with impunity.

Intimate testimonies reveal widespread accounts of sexual and physical abuse, or worse, of African workers – and the film follows the work of an extraordinary network of women working across three continents fighting to bring them home, often against impossible odds.

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