Micah Parsons On Kevin Hart’s “Cold As Balls”

Cowboys Micah Parsons shades Lions offense plus says Eagles don’t deserve primetime on Kevin Hart’s “Cold As Balls”.

We share today’s season finale of Kevin Hart’s “Cold As Balls” from LOL Network starring Micah Parsons.

The Cowboys LB shares that when he joined the NFL, La’el Collins and Tyron Smith were the ones to take him under their wings to help him develop as a player.

He also tells Hart he knows exactly what the Lions are planning on offense.

Later in the episode, he describes his emotions around the end of this past Cowboys season.

He also argues with Hart about whether the Cowboys or Eagles deserve primetime more.

Some highlights from the episode include:

  • Micah says La’el Collins and Tyron Smith took him under their wings to become a better, more strategic player (0:40 – 1:09)
  • Parsons shades the Lions plays and how predictable their offense is (1:10 – 2:09)
  • Parsons admits the end to the Cowboys season was frustrating and demoralizing, and he really did think it was their year. Then Hart shades that it has been a long time since Dallas “has done anything.” (5:34 – 6:17)
  • Hart tries to argue that the Eagles deserve more primetime spots, and Micah hilariously says, “So you could just push your quarterback in the end zone?…Nobody wants to watch it” (7:20 – 7:58)

Parsons’ episode has now concluded the 10th season of “Cold as Balls”.

Past guests this season include CJ Stroud, Justin Jefferson, Greg Olsen, and Micah Parsons.

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