100 Entertainment's Coyote Announces 'Legally Illegal' EP

100 Entertainment's Coyote Announces ‘Legally Illegal’ EP

Every video that Hawthorne hip-hop duo Coyote drops is well worthy of your attention, but there's one that landed in February, "Fuck the Wall," that seems to perfectly encapsulate what they're all about. Beautifully satirical and on point, we see the brothers kidnap a reasonably convincing Trump impersonator and tell him that, "the day you build it it's gon' fall, bitch."

That's what these two siblings — Guapo Cortés and Ricky Blanco (they simply go by Guapo and Blanco) — do so well. They're spitting out stories that, as is the tradition with the genre, tell of their everyday lives. Their struggles, their successes, and everything in-between. They pull no punches but, simultaneously, the 'Yotes are super fucking funny.

It all started when the brothers lost a championship basketball game and, naturally pissed, they sat down and smoked together for the first time. Suitably enhanced, they started freestyling.

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