The First Black-Owned Supermarket Carrying All Black-Owned Products Is On Its Way

The First Black-Owned Supermarket Carrying All Black-Owned Products Is On Its Way

Soul Food Market, a dream project that will establish the first-ever Black-owned supermarket that sells 100% Black-owned products, is currently crowdfunding for $1.2 million to be able to make it actually happen.

Three years after the success of his brainchild, the online marketplace for Black-owned sellers, Shareef Abdul-Malik has once again started an initiative that will further make Black businesses flourish. He recently launched the crowdsourcing platform that features a major campaign to establish Soul Food Market.

The supermarket will feature naturally-grown vegetables and fruits sourced from Black farmers in Georgia. All other daily necessities, from shampoo and soap to diapers and household cleaning products, the supermarket will carry, will be Black-owned.

The flagship store is slated to be established in Atlanta, Georgia. The $1.2 million crowdsource fund will be used to purchase the facility that is now under contract for its renovation and operations. In the near future, the Soul Food Market is expected to expand nationally and even internationally.

The project aims not only to give monumental opportunities for Black-owned businesses and sellers but most importantly create more jobs within the Black community. It also hopes to encourage healthy living and reduce obesity and high blood pressure by serving healthy products.

Moreover, the Soul Food Market, deemed an essential part of the community, is envisioned to be able to redirect about 1 trillion dollars spent on non Black-owned products each year to the Black community itself. In line with that, it aspires to be large enough to help secure a future for the community's next generations.

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