Podcast: @DJ_AllSpark (@UrVoiceUrMusic) Presents: The Many Addictions Of Youth

Podcast: @DJ_AllSpark (@UrVoiceUrMusic) Presents: The Many Addictions Of Youth

Spark 95.0 Radio Presents Your Voice Your Music: The Many Addictions Of Youth

A radio show that is geared towards life of youth. Talking about topics that hits the everyday life of our young generation. Conversations that may be as funny as how their day goes to as serious and deep as their feelings of living. Discussing topics of music, young artists, and the drive to come up in the music industry – whatever they want to cover we are ready to discuss it. The focus of the show is to allow the show to express the voice of the youth, allow them to be heard. There are radio shows all over internet and streets, but to focus just on youth far and few between. We want to make a difference for our kids and allow them to share what they want amongst each other. You never know who it may impact. So we allow this show to be “powered by the youth for the youth”. –Spark 95.0 Radio

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