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New Study Focuses On Racial Profiling In Greensboro, NC

Racial profiling is real, and Black motorists are not merely imagining the disparate treatment they receive.

Over the past year, the deaths of unarmed Black people during encounters with police in Ferguson, Baltimore, New York and elsewhere have brought a great deal of attention to the effects of racial bias on law enforcement behavior. Millions of African-Americans face the indignities of being stopped by police for no reason, which law enforcement often explain away and justify by pointing to high levels of violent crime in Black neighborhoods, a factor which has contributed to poor relations between the police and communities of color. As far too many dead Black bodies have resulted from these police stops, three high profile cases arising from minor traffic infractions including a missing front license plate, a failure to signal and a broken brake light, we must question why these people are being stopped in the first place.

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