Jus Daze “Consequentially” (Audio)

Jus Daze "Consequentially" (Audio)

Jus Daze shares his new single, “Consequentially”.

‘Consequentially’ I found out people ain’t who they pretend to be” is the captivating opening line from Jus Daze’s latest drop, titled “Consequentially”, that grabs the listener’s attention immediately.

In this heartfelt loosie, Daze gets real introspective about experiences with friends, family, and peers, as well as openly discusses his disability over a tight soulful Young Borski production.

More often than not, it’s easy to overlook and forget about Jus’ disability because of his fierce physical presence and confidence on the mic.

But with a smooth effortless cadence and flow, he reminds us of how others view and judge those who are different by saying “Hard knock life, most my life lived indigent / handicapped, people wanna label me as indolent / but shit ain’t sweet cause if it was I got the insulin“.

Overall, this track is a great addition to your playlist that really makes you stop and think and gives us a lot to look forward to with all of Jus Daze’s upcoming projects in 2023 including his next full-length album titled ‘The Zeitgeist’.



Jus Daze’s “Consequentially” track is also available now to stream and cop on all major digital streaming platforms