Watch Evie Golding’s ‘Little Man’ Short Film

Watch Evie Golding's 'Little Man' Short Film

Million Youth Media presents Little Man – Short Film [HD]

Synopsis: An award-winning short film exploring the cyclical nature of toxic masculinity on young boys in our society, “Little Man” captures a truthful moment, a part of everyday life, sculpting us with toxic beliefs that are detrimental to our relationships and mental state.

9 year-old Milo is taught to question his authentic self, being bullied into believing that who he is is wrong due to his Uncle Dean’s own conditioning. That to be a man at 9 year-old, he needs to conform to what society tells us a man “should” be. While Raya, Dean’s girlfriend, is a hope for Milo confronting the toxicity, she herself is left to questions… “what does it mean to be a man“.

Starring: Marcus Watson, Evie Golding, Malachai Pullar-Latchman, Tobi King Bakare, Joshua Frater-Loughlin
Writer: Evie Golding
Director: Evie Golding

Release Date: February 27, 2020
Copyright: © 2020 Grisedale Sherry Productions/Fully Focused Productions/Million Youth Media