Video: Capo Corleone x DJ Dister – Nina Brave

Video: Capo Corleone x DJ Dister - Nina Brave

Fresh off his first European tour, Capo Corleone gives us something new from his time spent in Berlin, Germany.

5 countries and 10 cities later, Capo releases his newest track "Nina Brave" with labelmate and friend DJ Dister.

The song was made for two time and current EBU European Featherweight Champion Nina Meinke nicknamed "Nina The Brave".

While on tour, Capo performed "Nina Brave" in Halle, Germany while Nina Meinke walked out to to defend and retain her European title.

The match and performance was in front of a sold out crowd while millions watched on MDR, a German television station.

Outside of his music career, Capo also owns and operates Tree4ort Studios in Hollywood, CA and is also a host at The Fixxx on Dash Radio.