Hispanic Trump Supporter Takes An L In CNN Debate

Hispanic Trump Supporter Takes An L In CNN Debate

CNN’s Anderson Cooper struggled to control a segment about President Donald Trump’s racism while interviewing a former member of Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Council.

Cooper interviewed Steve Cortes about the president’s racist outburst at the four young women of color in Congress that are known collectively as “The Squad.”

The host read the dictionary definition of a demagogue.

“A leader that makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises to gain power,” Merriam-Webster published.

“Is Donald Trump a demagogue? Isn’t this exactly what he is doing here?” Cooper asked.

“No, I don’t believe he’s a demagogue,” Cortes replied.

“He’s not using people’s prejudices in order to maintain and gain power?” Cooper asked. “How can you say this is not playing on people’s prejudices about people of color, about going back to your homeland?”

Cortes said it wasn’t racist, “because he didn’t mention color.”

The former Trump advisor then tried to blame the left, claiming people “overreacted” to Trump’s racism.

“I’m trying to be very honest here and call balls and strikes. I also want to call out the demagoguery and prejudice of the left, of Democratic politicians and their media allies in their insane overreaction to this tweet,” he argued.

Cortes alleged that his fellow guest, New York Times contributing op-ed writer Wajahat Ali, was declaring that people who support Trump are racist.

“To call me and tens of millions of Trump supporters racist, OK, to dismiss and dehumanize and marginalize us,” Cortes said. “That is bigotry; that is its own bigotry.”

“I didn’t say they are racist,” Ali explained. “I said they are big bigots.”

Ali said Trump is “a white nationalist and I would say he’s a demagogue and ran on the Obama birther conspiracy for the 2018 midterm.”

In the discussion of racism, Cortes continued to complain about being judged by the content of his character. Ali, however, pointed out that they are both viewed as “invaders” by Trump.

“You might not be a racist, but you’re fine with endorsing and supporting a racist president and you have to look yourself in the mirror right now in 2019 and ask yourself is it worth it? Why am I supporting a racist president? What type of country am I creating?” Ali asked.

“The white nationalist will never love you, no matter how hard you try to be the Latin face of Trump, they’ll never love you,” Ali pointed out.

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