The View Hosts Roast Republicans For ‘Shooting Themselves In The Foot’ On Election Conspiracies

The View Hosts Roast Republicans For ‘Shooting Themselves In The Foot’ On Election Conspiracies

The hosts of “The View” couldn’t help but notice that the Republicans are making it more difficult to get their own voters out to support Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) for the special election in January.

The problem the GOP has to overcome is that the overwhelming majority of Republican voters believe that the 2020 election was “rigged” by Democrats. It puts Republicans in a difficult place because now they have to combat that message with assurances that the Georgia special election isn’t already rigged for the Democrats.

“I’m really sick of all of this,” Whoopi Goldberg bemoaned. “I’m sick of people blaming American citizens for cheating in their own elections. I’m sick of this. You’re blaming Republican governors. You’re blaming people who are saying, ‘Actually, no.’ Why would they fight against their own interests, and, again, I will say if the Democrats had done this, why has everybody still got a job? None of this makes any sense to me.”

Joy Behar blasted Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, whose interview with President Donald Trump was filled with lies and her own side-commentary about how “disgusted” she is.

Sunny Hostin said that the claims Trump made during the Fox interview were “so outrageous,” particularly those about Black voters. Trump used the 2020 vote to claim that more African American voters supported Joe Biden than former President Barack Obama. First, there was a population increase, particularly among millennials and Generation Z, who are now voting. Both generations are more diverse than previous generations. Sara Haines also noted that it isn’t surprising that so many Black voters participated because more Americans than ever voted in the election.

“It just seems to me that he is surprised that all the attempts at voter suppression, all the attempts at gerrymandering, all the attempts at screwing around with the U.S. Postal Service, those attempts were ineffective, and our, you know, our institutions held, and I think that is what is surprising this president, and his supporters because we know that that’s what was at play, especially in a place like Georgia,” Hostin continued. “That was certainly at play in Michigan and Detroit.”

She went on to say that the GOP “really attacked Black constituents” and “black voters,” but that was part of the plan, she said.

“And it just didn’t work,” she explained. “Probably because of people like LaTosha Brown and Stacey Abrams, right? I think that’s where the surprise is coming. What’s also fascinating, he just needs to go to losers anonymous, and he’s really in a psychosis right now. I’m surprised that the people around him like his daughter, like Jared Kushner who somehow is on his way to the Middle East. I don’t understand why he has to go to the Middle East today, but — or this week. I think that they need to stage some sort of intervention at this point because he is now damaging the Republican Party even further with all of this rhetoric.”

Haines said that GOP chair Ronna Romney McDaniel is already at work trying to convince Republicans that everything will somehow be fine even though November was riddled with fraud.

“We just heard Trump himself talking about the fraud, but his lawyers are going into court and having to say blatantly, ‘this is not a fraud problem,’ because there are legal consequences to lying in a courtroom,” Haines said. “There are not legal consequences to lying on TV. So, they’re repeatedly hearing that, and I’m, like, your own lawyers and own legal team are saying, this is no such thing.”

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