SupaWave Osbourne (@TheSupaWave) On Influences, Goals, & More w/@VannDigital

SupaWave Osbourne on October 23, 2017 [1st Press Photo]

Following the release of Brooklyn emcee SupaWave Osbourne’s TrifeDrew-directed music video for his single “Feels”, Osbourne took the time out to wax poetic with us about various topics. You can give what was discussed a read below…

VannDigital: What’s your biggest goal for your career???

SupaWave Osbourne: To rock as many stages and touch as many fans as possible. In a dream world, I’d be able to go anywhere in the world and rock a show in front of like 10,000 people on a slow day. That’s the ultimate goal. I want to smash HUGE shows for years to come.

What do you think is the future for the kind of dusty, lofi boom-bap that you make in today’s hip hop game???

That’s a good question. It’s kind of weird, It can only get better. I thought it was dying for a minute back some years ago but I saw that that wasn’t the case, in the last two years especially. I mean I see the love Jay Electronica and MF Doom get every time they come out and it’s really inspiring. It says a lot about the demand out there for it. I think the U.K. grime dudes helped push it forward a lot too. If we could get it to have that sort of cohesive scene here again that would be dope. And I don’t see why that can’t happen in the future. Everything comes back around. I think it can continue to grow as long as new artists that can do it well keep coming out and feeding the fans. When it’s done well, the shit never gets corny. And regardless of popularity, it’s not going anywhere as long as instruments, and words are still around.

SupaWave Osbourne on October 23, 2017 [2nd Press Photo]

How do you know when a song is done???

I know a song is done when I play it through and the beginning the middle and the end don’t fell rushed or empty – when it all fits together and I’ve touched on everything. Sometimes you can overdo it when trying to make a song sound fuller and I watch for that. The moment it sounds and feels like it’s complete I stop adding elements to it and I just fine tune and enhance what’s already there.

Who do you think has been the biggest influence on your low-key flow and in what way???

There’s a lot of cats that have influenced me but my largest influences as far as vocal quality and style have been Wu-Tang, Nas, MF Doom, Tame One, ASAP Ferg, Trae The Truth and a little Rick Ross too. As far as cadence I love the way Drake always find new catchy cadences and plays with them. I think it’s contributed to his long ass run. And I try to come up with new cadences all the time. Freestyle Fellowship and Pharoahe Monch were my original influences though on that tip.

If you could bring back one dead artist, who would it be and why???

ODB. Hands down. He was like an ascended master. Dude was beyond what this world was ready for and I’d bring him back to learn more and marvel at him more. But besides him, I’d bring back Prodigy because I think he died way too soon and on top of that I think there was some foul play involved and if he could tell the rest of his story, especially about his death, it would be very revealing to say the least.

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