Stream Fort Ancient Records’ New Beat Tape ‘Fort Ancient Airlines: Seattle’

Stream Fort Ancient Records' New Beat Tape 'Fort Ancient Airlines: Seattle'

The Fort Ancient Records beat collective is back in the skies with its Fort Ancient Airlines beat tape series, this time flying to Seattle with guest pilot AP Counterfeit. This is the sixth installment in the Airlines series which features a different guest pilot each “flight”. AP Counterfeit is a Cincinnati lyricist and member of the trio Counterfeit Money Machine.

Fort Ancient Records consists of five beat makers: Homage CVG, Waldo from Cincinnati, Phonophage, Dren AD and Samuel Steezmore. The collective was founded in 2017 and has released over 20 projects since then.

The ‘Fort Ancient Airlines: Seattle’ beat tape is also available to stream & cop via Spotify | Apple Music | Bandcamp | Google Play