Shekinah Jo Airs Out T.I. & Tiny

Shekinah Jo Airs Out T.I. & Tiny

From my understanding, this isn’t the first time Shekinah Jo Anderson has aired out her former friends T.I. & Tiny.

It is also to my understanding that this all started because they were allegedly disrespectful to her off-camera.

Shekinah had this to say about the time Tiny wanted her to take a first class flight, “Do y’all know this light-skinned nigga walks up on me, leaving from L.A., I’m actually in the seat before him, and that nigga said, ‘How did the help make it to first class?’

She also spoke about the time Tiny allegedly told her to whoop Instagram model Bernice Burgos’ ass as T.I. supposedly had an affair with her, “If I don’t fight Bernice, my name gotta be bought. What kinda bullying shit is that? Bernice ain’t never did shit to me. She’s a beautiful girl. What I’m fighting her for? I wasn’t there. I ain’t hook them up. So why the fuck my name had to been bought because I’m a ghetto bitch that’s her friend?… That was a setup with both of them hoes. Them hoes was friends, they did that shit on purpose.”

You can here her say all that and more in the following video below…

Tiny would later respond with the following statement, “If you don’t have proof that whatever you be talking about is working for you man do everyone a favor and shut yo ass up.”