MP3: Ja Rule & Ashanti – Encore (@RuleYork @Ashanti)

MP3: Ja Rule & Ashanti - Encore (@RuleYork @Ashanti)

Did we step into a time machine & go all the way back to the year 2001???

No but it seems like we have since this seemingly unreleased track by the team that made said year, Ja Rule & Ashanti, has hit these internet streets.

Said track–titled "Encore"–takes music listeners of a certain age back to a time where everywhere you went, all you heard were songs like this one, this other one, & most definitely can't forget about this one.

This track hitting the internet airwaves comes on the heels of a recent announcement that Ja Rule & Ashanti have plans to record & release a collaborative album (which is inspired by Jay-Z & Beyonce's recent collaborative album 'Everything Is Love') which has no release date as of current press time.

You can go back in time and give "Encore" a listen below…