26-Year Old Black Woman, Caroline Esinam Adzogble, Owns Her Own Accredited International College

26-Year Old Black Woman, Caroline Esinam Adzogble, Owns Her Own Accredited International College

Caroline Esinam Adzogble, a 26-year old Black woman, is already a successful entrepreneur, educationist, business coach, diversity maverick, and an advocate for women and girls in technology. In 2016 at the age of 24, she became the youngest woman in Ghana and in all of Africa to own and manage an accredited international college.

The Potters International College is an institution that offers career training programs to both workers and students to make them professionally-ready in the field of technology. Adzogble was still studying Business Administration and Computer Science when she initially launched the school in 2012 as an IT Training Institution called AITC.

Since then, she decided to continue studying at an online university. It enabled her to pursue her education while working at the same time. That has been her inspiration in creating platforms to help students and professionals study programs in a rather mobile way.

Aside from Potters International College, Adzogble is also the founder of IAES Africa, a platform for international student recruitment and institutional partnerships. Currently, it successfully recruits across 43 countries and partners with several institutions across all continents.

Adzogble is also a president and co-founder of Caroline University with fellow entrepreneur Kwame A.A Opoku. Some of her other ventures are Admission in 30 Minutes, Everyday Travels and Tours, and Caroline Technology Solutions.

Despite all her success, she never forgets to give back. She is also the president of Mercy Heart Foundation which provides merit-based scholarships for students to study abroad on a tuition-free basis.

A known advocate for education with 7 years of professional experience in international consulting, she told Joy Online, “I am on the quest to uplift Education within Africa and beyond. To make Education the most accessible and affordable to students located in over 146 countries.”

For more details about Caroline Esinam Adzogble, visit www.CarolineEsinam.com or follow her on Facebook.

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