Mirage Beer Awarded Donkey Of The Day After Cancelling Release Of Crips & Bloods-Themed Beers

Mirage Beer Awarded Donkey Of The Day After Cancelling Release Of Crips & Bloods-Themed Beers

A Seattle-based brewery cancelled the release of its latest products after receiving backlash over the Bloods and Crips-themed beers.

Mirage Beer announced the forthcoming release in an Instagram post on Sunday, where the controversial red and blue bandana-decorated cans were displayed alongside their respective titles, “Snitch Blood” and “Where you from.” The since-deleted post also provided descriptions of the beers and said they’d be available on Tuesday. But the release has since been halted after a number of people pointed out its offensive nature.

Much of the reaction was in response to a tweet from Beer Kulture — a brand focused on the merge of beer and urban culture — which called Mirage Beer out for being “entitled.”

“F*** all the politeness, people have died over that s*** you’re trying to use to be down & kool [sic],” the post read.

Many others agreed.

The owner of Mirage Beer, Michael Dempster, has since apologized with a short statement on Instagram, and a link out to a more in-depth explanation.

“It breaks my heart that I’m the reason for anyone feeling less welcome in the craft beer community, and I’m sorry anyone had to waste any energy at all on me or my ignorant label ideas,” his extended apology read. “I hope to further demonstrate my remorse in a way folks find meaningful, emphasizes the importance of inclusivity in beer, or otherwise helps prevent anyone from making similar mistakes.”

Dempster additionally tells Yahoo Lifestyle that “the labels have been destroyed, and I owe a debt of gratitude to the beer community for sounding the alarm. It was a stupid and insensitive idea, and I’m embarrassed and ashamed that I hurt anyone.”

He explains that he will be releasing the beers with different names and labels. The profits from this particular release will then go to multiple charities, including those that aim to keep kids off the streets.

“I hope to sponsor fundraisers for said charity(/ies) whenever I can, and be an active and vocal participant in the project of inclusivity in the craft beer industry,” Dempster concluded in his apology letter. “I hope others can learn from my idiocy.”

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