Florida Man Colton Pete Norsworthy Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Threatening Popeyes Employee In Heated Racist Exchange

Florida Man Colton Pete Norsworthy Awarded Donkey Of The Day For Threatening Popeyes Employee In Heated Racist Exchange

Disturbing video footage showing a suspected white supremacist violently threatening a fast-food worker over an order dispute seemed to check all the boxes for a federal hate crime by way of a threatened lynching in an N-word laced rant. The video filmed at the counter of a Popeyes restaurant was going viral on Sunday and left no doubt about how the white man who starred in the footage really feels about Black people.

There is little context accompanying the video that abruptly opens showing the unidentified white man angrily walking toward the counter that separates Popeyes customers from workers, one of whom was filming the encounter. While holding a phone to his ear, the white man, who is clearly very upset, demands a “refund” for his food.

One worker, an older man, said some unintelligible words before the white man pointed at the camera and claimed the worker filming called him a “cracker.”

When the older worker asked the white man why he was called that, his response immediately offered the missing context.

The white man roared his response: “I called her a fucking nigger after she called me a cracker!”

When it becomes clear that no one cares about this white man’s grievances, he threw an impressively racist, privileged and entitled tantrum that would make a baby David Duke blush.

“You niggers think this is fucking acceptable, huh?” he growled at the camera, which remained firmly trained on him, recording the spectacle for the rest of the world to ridicule.

For emphasis, in case it was unclear that he was racist, the white man widened his eyes, leaned over the counter and yelled directly into the camera, “You fucking niggerrrrrrr,” extending that hard R sound in an apparent effort to prove his anti-Black hatred.

Some giggling can be heard coming from behind the camera before the apparent camera person offers some equally profane words for the white man.

But just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the white man took it there — he physically threatened to beat the worker who he said called him a “cracker” and then suggested he would lynch them.

“I’ma hang you from a fucking tree, bitch,” the white man says, still; looking directly into the camera.

As it becomes evident that no one is coming to the white man’s aid, he decides to unleash a flurry of more N-word laced threats to the worker, who has since begun to serenade him with a chorus of “craaaaaaackerrrr,” similarly overexaggerating the vowels as the white man had done with the N-word earlier.

But wait, there’s more.

Resigned in defeat and resorting to lame jokes about the worker’s grandmother (yes, really), the white man begins walking back toward the front doors through which he initially stormed while demanding a refund that he clearly never got.

That’s when the worker gave the white man a nice little helping hand out of the door: “Ya chicken’s getting cold, fat boi!”

It is not clear when the footage was recorded, but it appeared to be a TikTok video. However, a visit to the page for the account the video is credited to — @mikehawk397 — didn’t show the video in its feed.

“2022 we still have DEEP hatred for the opposite color of skin!!” the social media post said. “OKEECHOBEE it’s sickening.”

That led a social media sleuth to claim to have identified the white man in the video by posting a purported mugshot from 2014 showing a photo of a man who may or may not be the same person.

The person in the mugshot was identified as “Colton Pete Norsworthy” of “Okeechobee, Glades, FL.”

The charges were felony battery by strangulation, obstructing justice and tampering in the case, which is also a felony.

The screenshot claimed to be a photo from the Domestic Violence Database website, but a search of the name Colton Pete Norsworthy turned up no results.

Still, there was a series of tweets confirming there was a Popeyes in Okeechobee, including one tweet claiming Norsworthy’s identity had been verified by “people on FB” who “outed him.”

Either way, whoever that white man was on that video with the violent and racist death threats against a Black Popeyes employee showed his face for the world to see, allowing the karmic universe that is social media power to take its own judicial course and hold him accountable for his flagrant and unabashed display of pure, unadulterated anti-Black racism.

This is America.

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