Elaquent Announces ‘Forever Is A Pretty Long Time’ Album + Drops ‘Guidelines’ Single feat. Oddisee

Elaquent Announces 'Forever Is A Pretty Long Time' Album + Drops 'Guidelines' Single feat. Oddisee

Following his debut album with Mello Music Group, Elaquent returns with his sophomore project with the label, Forever Is A Pretty Long Time which is set to drop on 2.21.2020!!!

Unlike his previous albums, which were mostly instrumental, this record opts to showcase the producer’s collaborative abilities.

Inspired by the likes of iconic hip hop producer albums like Hi-Teknology (Hi-Tek) and Welcome 2 Detroit (J Dilla), the new album boasts collaborations with the likes of Oddisee, Blu, Guilty Simpson, Chester Watson, among others.

Elaquent Announces 'Forever Is A Pretty Long Time' Album + Drops 'Guidelines' Single feat. Oddisee

“I’ve always wanted to do this type of record, but it never felt right to do until now. Most of my albums would feature only 1 or 2 collaborations as a change of pace for my mostly instrumental albums, but this time, I really wanted to challenge myself to do something a little different and showcase what I can do with a number of my favorite artists.”

Expanding versatility is a necessary step to try to make timeless music that will last forever, and as all know, Forever is a Pretty Long Time.

To celebrate the announcement of Elaquent’s upcoming album, Mello Music Group has released the new song “Guidelines” featuring Oddisee.

The production waltzes in easy and relaxed, a laid back opening to 2020.

Oddisee brings his usual sharp observations on existence and the perception of others.

Get into it below…