ECHLO Drops ‘I Was I’ Album

ECHLO Drops ‘I Was I’ Album

ECHLO aka Chloe Charles releases new album, ‘I Was I’.

ECHLO aka Chloe Charles, Toronto’s renowned multi-genre musician releases her long-awaited new album ‘I Was I’.

Splitting her time between Mexico and Toronto, ECHLO – the stepsister of Julian Lennon, and daughter of the late famous Caribbean and European nightclub impresario Noel Charles – whose previous work has been lauded in many major media outlets, spent the last few years writing and recording this exhilarating new 10 track record under her newer ECHLO artist name and identity.

During the process of creating this new album, ECHLO has been building significant momentum; from releasing the scintillating live cinematic performance video of the song “Puppeteer” for the Grammy Awards Press Play series, all the way over to her single “Beautifully Cruel” being featured on one of the most viewed episodes of Netflix’s Elite TV series.

Despite her proud Canadian roots, ECHLO has always had a global view of music, art and culture that is informed by her lineage, and this outward-looking approach has manifested in a few exciting and enduring song pieces tied to this new album.

From exhibiting the “Soul Savant” music video at the Immersive Art Gallery in Dubai; to filming her “Beat Drops” video as an international collaboration in both Milan (Italy) and Guadalajara (Mexico), the intent was to feed her burgeoning global fan base, after having toured internationally for years.

The new “Sitting Tight” video, directed by Diego Barragan, captures a similarly adventurous and movement-based motif.

ECHLO Drops ‘I Was I’ Album

When asked what her newer ECHLO musical identity is all about, and how listeners should interpret ‘I Was I’, she wrote this poetic piece of original prose:

ECHLO is borne out of Chloe Charles’ journey as a solo artist.

ECHLO is borne out of her disillusionment in the music industry and society-at-large and its hollow obsession with success.

ECHLO is borne out of her rejection of genres, labels, and boxes.

ECHLO is borne out of her relentless love of experimentation.

ECHLO is borne out of her transformation into motherhood amidst the isolation of the pandemic.

I was I before I came into this world, as a little girl in the countryside playing with salamanders and frogs, dancing in the rain with my mom.

I was I as a teenager hiding away in art class, skinny dipping under the stars, searching for my style.

I was I as I contorted myself for my father’s love while frolicking across continents, partying in Monaco.

I was I when I went to university for psychology.

I was I when I wrote folk songs and performed with my eyes closed, too shy to look at the audience.

I was I when I lived in Berlin and toured so much I never felt at home.

I was I when I became a mother of one and then two.

I was I when I wrote this album.

My soul transcends my roles, my creations and my achievements.

‘I Was I’ is another chapter, another facet of myself.

ECHLO is an evolution of Chloe Charles and with that I honor my past in shaping who I am today.”

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ECHLO’s ‘I Was I’ album is also available now to stream and cop on all major digital streaming platforms