1st Trailer For BET+ Original Movie ‘Trigger’

1st Trailer For BET+ Original Movie ‘Trigger’

BET+ presents Trigger – Official Movie Trailer #1 [HD]

Synopsis:Trigger” tells the story of Trey Mass, who is finally home from prison after a ten-year sentence. With nowhere else to go he visits his brother Collin. Collin’s wife, Vanessa, is not too excited about the idea of Collin’s criminal brother showing up unannounced but agrees to allow Trey to stay with them for one night. That one night turns into complete mayhem, when Trey, in an act to protect his brother Collin, accidentally kills Harry, a friend of Collin’s who’s there for game night. When a fun night quickly escalates into a hostage situation, Collin and Trey’s older brother Mike Mass is sent in to negotiate the situation.

Starring: Wesley Jonathan, Flex Alexander, Jeremy Meeks, Jordyn Woods, Erica Peeples, Ashley Martelle, Obba Babatunde, Chris Jones
Writers: David Drinkwater, Marques Houston, Chris Stokes, Juanita Stokes
Director: Chris Stokes

Release Date: October 22, 2020
Copyright: © 2020 Footage Films/BET+

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