Yung Gypsy “B.M.S.” Official Video & Interview

Yung Gypsy "B.M.S." Official Video & Interview

Philly indie artist Yung Gypsy captivates audiences in her new video “B.M.S.” The record out now on all platforms comes with production by FranchiseBeats/Rotation Records. Gypsy comes in strong spewing bars that depict who she is, how she moves, and how she will take over. Her emotive performance is a brewing kaleidoscope of boldness, sexy, edgy, confidence, with a splash of intimidation. Watch the official video and tap in below where Gypsy talks more about the record, what’s next, her stance in a male-dominated industry, and more.

MJ: Before we jump into your new single/video “B.M.S.” let everyone know who you are and where you’re from.

Yung Gypsy: I’m a Tri-State Gypsy from the Tri-State area. Born in South New Jersey, living in and out of Brooklyn NY. Raised in PA. I never stay anywhere long enough for the roots to stick. It’s a lifestyle. One of a Nomadic Traveling Artist.

MJ: At what point in your life did you decide it was time to kick start your career? Walk us through a brief timeline.

Yung Gypsy: Honestly it just kind of happened! I came to Reading PA to meet up with my boy Frank (shout out to FranchiseBeats) we were catching up and going through some of his music catalogs (this man is a genius). Now we ran through quite a few songs he produced but there was one he left in the tuck (untouched) he wanted me to hear. He took a sample from one of my favorite movies and as soon as I heard the track, I knew it was time.

MJ: Holding it down in a male-dominated industry, tell us what sets you apart from other artists, from looks to style, to craft, etc.

Yung Gypsy: So first off… I feel like the ladies are taking over! The men pull the strings behind the scenes, but the women run the show… I’m such a free spirit and a very spiritual being at that and I like to exude and integrate that power and belief into my craft and all of my passions. I throw in originality with a hint of the many inspirations that came before me in many different genres to give tribute and pay homage. Music is ever evolving, and I want to portray an image that doesn’t put me in a box.

MJ: Let’s dive into your new single/video “B.M.S.” A few impressions fall into play while watching the video…bold, sexy, and confident. What was the push behind the record? What are you hoping fans and new listeners/audiences will take from it?


Yung Gypsy: So, when I listen to a track I try not to approach it with a ready-made theme. Although, in times where I might need to get some things off my chest or I feel like I need to release a ball of creative energy, I’ll sit and write cappella but when it comes to an original beat, I feel like I have to bring to its original sound. I never know what’s about to come to my head. I like to just let my mind wander on the beat. So, when it came to “B.M.S” I did just that and like you said it’s giving Bold! It’s giving Audacity! It’s giving I’m here and there’s nothing you can do about it

MJ: What other projects or endeavors are you working on?

Yung Gypsy: I have a few things in the tuck right now that I’m really excited about. I always wanted to co-produce original beats and I had the privilege to accomplish that with these next few track releases. I like the melodic, so you’ll get a taste of that alongside some raw lyrics. You’ll hear classic sounds from the 80’s to the early 2000’s My favs.

MJ: Is there anything else you would like to share with the world about Yung Gypsy?

Yung Gypsy: For those who do not know me I’ve been writing & recording music since I was 15 years old, so this is nothing new to me but definitely something true to me. Shout Out to “Rotation Records” on this up-and-coming project and Look Out for My New Single “Tell Nobody” ft. Jess Cannzie (End of May 2024).


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