YRS Jerzy (@IAmYRSJerzy) Talks Future Success, Tour Life, & More w/ @TripleHQ

YRS Jerzy (@IAmYRSJerzy) Talks Future Success, Tour Life, & More w/ @TripleHQ 1

Up & coming music mogul YRS Jerzy has been doing a lot in these past couple of months. He has been working with bigger artists & also built his own touring company on top of everything else he has going on. YRS Jerzy speaks with TripleHQ.com about what he has next to come for him & his camp. Stay tuned for a lot more releases from his artists Slide Dillinger & NephLon Don as well.

YRS Jerzy On October 2015 [2nd Press Photo]

"Hip Hop Headquarters sits down with music mogul YRS Jerzy:

What made you decide to become a Music Mogul Figure?
I just seen how many moguls before me started empires and I figured I was also capable of doing the same thing. I always watched how different figures in the game would move and I loved how entrepreneurs like Russell Simmons, Master P, Jay-Z, Diddy etc. would run things. They all created a unique formula and essentially paved the way for me to do what I do today."

YRS Jerzy Suited Up [Press Photo]

You can give the full interview a read via TripleHQ.com!!!