YouTuber Minister Jap Gets Knocked The Fuck Out

Another day, another incel/MGTOW/neckbeard YouTuber getting knocked the fuck out LOL!

So not long after Long Island native as well as YouTuber Chris Morgan got rushed in a local bagel shop last week, some old video footage of the latest incel/MGTOW/neckbeard YouTuber that caught a Filet-O-Fish fries on the floor has made it to the surface over this past weekend.

The incel/MGTOW/neckbeard YouTuber in question happens to be a Chicago native by the name of (the streets-ordained LOL) Minister Jap.

For anybody that watches (or has watched) Jap’s videos, what you will see in the following video below will come as no surprise.

Hope you enjoy because I know I did LMAO!

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