The @YOUniquePiece (@Ben_Kenyon_) In @CJMcCollum: 'Grateful. Faithful. Genuine.'
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The @YOUniquePiece (@Ben_Kenyon_) In @CJMcCollum: ‘Grateful. Faithful. Genuine.’

NBA star C.J. McCollum recently sat down with Ben Kenyon in a new episode of “The YOUnique Piece” to speak about who is as a person on and off the court. His mission: Leave a lasting legacy by providing tools and opportunities for the next generation.

C.J. has a passion for helping others and he takes pride in being a positive role model. With a pay it forward mindset, he continues to inspire the youth from his hometown to dream big and work towards achieving success outside of their neighborhood.

On his journey through life, C.J. believes that being grateful, faithful, & genuine are words that best describe him. These core attributes have been key ingredients that fuel him during his daily grind towards success.