Young Dizzy (@YoungDizzy1) – SacTown [EP]

Young Dizzy (@YoungDizzy1) - SacTown [EP]

Sacramento, CA is known as the city with a big sound that’s rarely heard & 8.25.2015 marked the day that all that changed. Young Dizzy Da Monsta turns up the volume with his EP ‘SacTown‘.

Northern California hip hop hasn’t sounded this good in years!!! Dizzy mixes the 90’s West Coast vibe with today’s urban dialect & contemporary sound.

The project includes Dizzy’s 2014/2015 breakout single’s “Booty On The Sink” & “Whistle“, including features from Clyde Carson, LoveRance, Jonn Hart, Prxmise, Milla, Show Banga, & more.

The sound is innovative but yet with similarities of classics, that we have learned to love & appreciate throughout the years.

Every sentence starts with a capital & Dizzy is starting that sentence with ‘SacTown‘, the capital of California.

You can stream & download Young Dizzy’sSacTown‘ EP below…