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Young Chop Believes The Violence Will End If Kanye West Walks Around South Side Chicago

It seems that Chicago producer Young Chop believes the violence will come to an end if fellow Chicago producer Kanye West takes a walk around South Side Chicago.

Chop had this to say in his interview with WatchLOUD:

“Like, bro…bring your ass back to the city. Walk around that bitch. Stop these niggas from killing each other. That’s what I’m on. It should not be that.

…If [Kanye] would just show his face in the city, that’s all I want him to do. Instead of just doing a big ass concert. Walk around that motherfucker. Nobody is gonna touch you, trust & believe me. Just go to the hood. If the nigga would come through there & politic with niggas, this shit would be crazy! That’s all I want from niggas.”

Chop responded with the following after being asked what he was doing to stop the violence:

“…Lupe Fiasco, Twista, all these niggas. They’re from the hood, but they’re from a different era. That’s what it is. They’re from the ‘90s era, so it’s different, but niggas would still listen to them. Boy if Kanye West walked through Chicago, do you know how motherfuckers would be looking, bro? Does he know how big that would be? Just to walk through that bitch. They don’t have respect for him! I’m telling you this!”

I don’t know what this particular approach will accomplish but good luck to both sides!!!

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