Yalo (@OfficialYalo) – Broken Language [Video]

Yalo (@OfficialYalo) - Broken Language [Video]

Hailing from the east side of Brooklyn is 20-year-old newcomer Yalo. A youngin' in age but an old soul at heart, Yalo has been inspired by the raw sounds of the 90's Hip-Hop era. Set to debut his mixtape 'I Love Brooklyn' this month, he sets things off with his first offering with the visual to "Broken Language". Laid over the track of the same name by Smoothe Da Hustler & Trigger Tha Gambler, the young homie impresses with his golden era flow as he perfectly fits in pocket while cleverly speaks on his inner city life.

Yalo states:

"I'm an inspiring on the rise artist from East New York, with dreams of making it out of the rough streets of Brooklyn and one day making a large impact on the Hip-Hop culture. I started rapping back in high school at lunch tables, doing talent shows until my brother Marc, heard me rap a 16 to him & he was definitely impressed by the creative wordplay. He then soon began to push me into working on a small project just rapping over old school Brooklyn beats & we decided to call it 'I Love Brooklyn' At the time I still was in high school and there was a lot of procrastination occurring and I wasn't as focused. 4 years later I got back into being serious and finished up the project and now will be releasing it in February 2017."