@Will_WildFire & Mballa (@FirstNameMballa) Take It Back To '2011'
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@Will_WildFire & Mballa (@FirstNameMballa) Take It Back To ‘2011’

North Carolina musician & singer Will WildFire teamed up with his collective member Mballa to bring an interesting love tale they both experienced in “2011“. The visual directed by HeadGraphix let their bodies tell the stories through passion & colors to express the change in emotion.

Will chants:

“You can’t buy loyalty; no matter how I’m fucking paid / That one thing, it’ll never change”

He elaborates:

“With success comes fraudulent individuals that approach you once you progress.”

Mballa sings:

“You see what hurts me the most is you keep playin me close. You picked this bitch over me, now I’m alone”

She reveals:

“In this line I’m putting it out there. I’m letting him know I put all my eggs in his basket and I’m left alone and to myself. I’m kind of proud of myself for going there. These are true stories and true feelings so I really got naked on this record.”

You can also stream & download this track via SoundCloud | AudioMack!!!