Will Smith Talks Possible Verzuz w/LL COOL J & More On SiriusXM’s Sway In The Morning

Will Smith Talks Possible Verzuz w/LL COOL J & More On SiriusXM’s Sway In The Morning

Will Smith talks possibly doing a Verzuz with LL COOL J, box office success, his upcoming movie “King Richard”, and more on SiriusXM’s Sway In The Morning.

Will Smith, Demi Singleton, and Saniyya Sidney recently sat down with SiriusXM’s Sway Calloway to talk about their new movie “King Richard“.

While talking with Sway Calloway and co-hosts Heather B and DB, Will Smith spoke about doing a Verzuz with LL COOL J and how box office success has always been more important to him than awards.

Additionally, Will Smith spoke about being terrified when Venus and Serena Williams watched “King Richard” for the first time.

Sway Calloway hosts SiriusXM’s Sway In The Morning weekdays at 8:00 am EST on SiriusXM’s Shade 45.

Will Smith is Down to Do ‘Verzuz’ With LL COOL J

Sway Calloway: Hey Will, would you ever do a Verzuz?

Will Smith: Yeah, you know, I was, I was thinking about that. Me and L [LL COOL J] we’re talking about doing one. I never had a chance to…. but I was writing my book.

Sway Calloway: Okay. You and LL, Will Smith. Heather, what do you think of that LL and will Smith Verzuz?

Will Smith: L is going to body me.

Heather B: What’s dope about Will though, Will and L was out when the era when it was the DJ and the rapper….everybody had their DJ so don’t let, don’t let Jeff on the turn tables.

Will Smith: That’s my secret weapon right there.

Will Smith Hopes “King Richard” is Successful for His Co-Stars

Will Smith: I was much more devastated when my movies didn’t perform at the box office and when something flopped at the box office that that would, that would lay me down for, for a couple of days. With this film, I’m less concerned about being nominated in, in my life and in my spiritual work I’m beyond that need, but I would love for my cast and I would love for Venus and Serena to be honored. And I would love for Aunjanue [Ellis] that would be, I would love for Aunjanue. That subtle power that she showed in this role, that tight rope that she walked in this role it’s quiet, but it was the absolute backbone of this family and this story you know. So I would, I would love to, to see, you know, Aunjanue, get her flowers.

Will Smith Was Terrified When Venus and Serena Watched “King Richard” for the First Time

Will Smith: Venus and Serena said that they would executive produced the project, but they wouldn’t agree to put their names on it until after they watched the movie. I was like, ‘oh no. Oh no.’ I had done stories in the past where it was, you know, I did Muhammad Ali and The Pursuit of Happiness and Concussion. So I’d done movies about people who were alive that were going to see the film. So I knew the terror of the moment when they first walk into the movie theater. So I got the call that Venus and Serena were going into the theater and they were going to see the movie for the first time. So that was the worst two hours of my life. [laughs] But they came out, and they called immediately totally in tears. And they, they had been on set a couple of times, but when you see it all together with the music and everything, and they were absolutely blown away and they thanked me and made the call, you know, the whole cast and everybody, and they, they thanked us and they said they would be honored to have their names on, on this bill as executive producers.

Will Smith Encourages People to be “Their Imperfect Selves”

Will Smith: I’m trying to normalize authenticity that you don’t, you don’t have to hold on to a false image, that you really can be your imperfect self and you can still be loved and you can still find your way to join. And you can still be powerful when you sweep those things under the rug. Um, you know, trauma and problems are non-biodegradable. They are, you know, they they’re, they are going to be there like a plastic bottle a thousand years from now.