White Women Fight Over Seats @ High School Graduation

White Women Fight Over Seats @ High School Graduation

This is nothing I haven’t seen before but might be a foreign concept to people with an agenda.

According to BET:

As excited graduates of Arlington High School in Tennessee marched down the aisle of Bellevue Baptist Church on Tuesday, a group of parents allowed their pettiness to create a distracting scene.

The man who recorded the brawl, Octavius Adams, told Local Memphis 24 the fight started over a saved seat.

“I’m sitting here going, ‘Is this really happening right now, in a church?” Adams told Local 24.

During the fight, a man shoves a woman in a brown dress, who quickly becomes the center figure in the video. That same woman ends up throwing water on the group and eventually pulling another woman’s hair while punching her at the same time.

Adams posted the video to social media to fight the stereotype about this type of behavior.

“I think it was important because most people have general idea that things like that only happen in certain areas. They think it only happens towards a certain race, but my thing is human behavior is human behavior, it’s not race behavior,” Adams told Local 24.

Arlington security soon intervened and removed the parents involved.