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White Woman Explains Why Her People Forced Christianity On Black People

Black people having been going back and forth about whether Christianity is the reason we believe in God (in particular, White Jesus). Many Black people can not let go of what was taught to them by their parents and grandparents. That is understandable because no one wants to think their parents or grandparents were wrong and it can be considered disrespectful to questioned them. But at some point you have to ask yourself, who taught them? It is clear that Black slaves were taught Christianity by white slave masters.

So ask yourself, “The same white slave master who did not want you to sleep in the same house as him is now going to share his God with you?” Doesn’t make any sense right? What are we so afraid of that we are scared to question God. Remember, facts are truthful. No matter who much or how hard you question facts, they will stand there ground. The same should apply for Christianity. Well, just some food for thought. Take a look at what this white woman has to say about it below…

Peace 2 Urban Intellectuals!!!

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