White Thugs Attack Cops But No One Gets Shot & Killed

Police Line Do Not Cross [Illustration Artwork]

"A group of rioting animals were on the loose this weekend. Entitled white people who know there are no repercussions for their savagery were not only fighting each other like beastly Vikings from the Middle Ages, they were also assaulting police officers on Saturday night in Towson, Maryland, which is approximately 15 miles from Baltimore.

Watch the extremely threatening group of uncivilized criminals assault law enforcement in the video below…

Isn't it incredible how not one gun was drawn — not even a taser — as these wild animals attacked a police officer? What if someone went for their gun? Oh, we see now. Even though they were punching, kicking and charging at law enforcement, they were still less threatening than a man sitting in his car (Philando Castile) or a 12-year-old innocently playing (Tamir Rice) — or the countless other unarmed Black males who have been gunned down for doing (or not doing) far less.

Absolutely disgusting." –Parker Riley, NewsOne