White Man Harasses Black Deliveryman In Affluent San Francisco Neighborhood

White Man Harasses Black Deliveryman In Affluent San Francisco Neighborhood

A video uploaded to Instagram this Thursday shows a white man in an affluent San Francisco neighborhood harass and interrogate a Black delivery man, repeatedly asking him to show ID and to demand where the packages he’s delivering are going to.

“Why do you think that I have to identify myself?” the deliveryman, whose has not been identified, asks the man.

“Who are you with? Who are those addressed to?” the man asks the deliveryman.

“It’s none of your business,” the deliveryman replies. “Every time I come around here, motherfuckers like you make my job harder.”

According to the caption of the video, which was uploaded to the Lost Soul Courier Collective’s Instagram page, the delivery man was trying to deliver Narcan in the neighborhood of Pacific Heights.

“For those who don’t know it’s reputation, pac heights is one of the most affluent, snobby, and white neighborhoods in San Francisco,” the video’s caption reads. “It’s a neighborhood of old money, unlike the heavily gentrified neighborhoods where new tech money has displaced historically black and brown communities. Everyone who grew up here knows that There is an invisible line drawn on the corner of Fillmore and Sutter that separates pac heights from uptown Fillmore, a line which I rarely care to cross (because this type of thing is a common occurrence in my everyday life).”

The delivery man says the man “asked me what I was doing, and I replied my job. He asked me who I worked for and I told him to mind his business. He then followed me to the halfway house I was delivering to and stood in my way as I tried to leave. I’ve never seen this guy before in my life.”

“I posed no threat to his safety or his property. He threatened to call the cops on me, and after I talked some shit to him he admitted that it was an empty threat. He explained that things have come up missing in the neighborhood, so it must have been me who stole his shit. I’m guessing that in his mind I had no right to be walking down his street, and I must be looking for something to steal. I have a strong feeling that he wouldn’t have harassed me of I was of a lighter complexion, but this is an everyday thing when you’re a man of color living in America.”


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