When 'The Proud Family Movie' Becomes Jordan Peele's 'Us'...
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When ‘The Proud Family Movie’ Becomes Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’…

What if Jordan Peele’s upcoming horror film Us was actually The Disney Channel’s The Proud Family Movie?

That’s what Yeek Studios has put forth in a video that showcases The Proud Family Movie edited to look like the Us trailer. The similarities between the two films are apparent to diehard fans of the series; in the movie, Penny Proud (Kyla Pratt) and her family go on vacation, only to discover peanut-generated clones of themselves created by George Washington Carver’s great-grandson, Dr. Marcus Garvey Carver II (Arsenio Hall). Carver II helps the Proud family stop the clones (including his own evil clone) by turning them into peanut butter. Oh, and there are also peanut people Carver has created to help assist him in his island lab.

All of this sounds wild, but think about it: both films have families that are on beach vacation, both families meet evil clones of themselves, and everyone has to fight their doppleganger in order to survive. Sounds pretty close.

[via Shadow & Act]