Westside Gunn Drops ‘Peace “Fly” God’ Album

Westside Gunn Drops ‘Peace "Fly" God’ Album

Westside Gunn releases new ‘Peace “Fly” God’ album.

Westside Gunn’s influence on the culture undeniably looms larger than ever.

While the multi-hyphenate artist/label owner/creative/curator/fashion icon has kept his loyal fanbase captive by sharing updates and teasing the projects he is shaping, he hasn’t released a project since his ambitious double-album, ‘HWH8: Sincerely Adolf‘, near the end of 2021.

Undoubtedly, the creative ambiance and vibes of Paris and Fashion week induces Westside Gunn to get in his bag.

Gunn’s first voyage to Paris for Fashion Week at the invite of Virgil Abloh (RIP) for his Off-White exhibition culminated in an unprompted, two-day innovative frenzy that resulted in his now-classic ‘Pray For Paris‘ album.

After recently stealing the spotlight again at Fashion Week in Paris, Gunn returned to the states reinvigorated and again inspired; so inspired, that as soon as he landed he headed directly to the studio to cook up his new art project ‘Peace “Fly” God’.

As soon as I landed back in the states from Paris, the homies pulled right up on me” Gunn emphatically states.

Immaculately curated by Westside Gunn, the project was recorded in another 48-hour marathon session (the same amount of time it took Gunn to record ‘Pray For Paris’).

‘Peace “Fly” God’ features production from Madlib, Daringer, Conductor Williams, and Don Carrera, along with guest appearances from Stove God Cooks and Estee Nack.

‘Peace “Fly” God’ is a precursor to Westside Gunn’s forthcoming ‘Michelle Records’ which will be released later this year.

Peace “Fly” God‘ Tracklisting:

  1. Peace Flygod [Produced by Don Carrera]
  2. Jesus Crack [Produced by Don Carrera]
  3. Ritz Barlton [Produced by Don Carrera]
  4. Big Ass Bracelet [Produced by Don Carrera]
  5. Bobby Rhude [Produced by Don Carrera]
  6. Derrick Boleman [Produced by Madlib]
  7. Horses On Sunset [Produced by Madlib]
  8. Open Praise [Produced by Madlib]
  9. Danhausen [Produced by Conductor Williams]
  10. Flip V Phil [Produced by Daringer]

Westside Gunn’s ‘Peace “Fly” God’ album is now available at all DSPs via Griselda (GxFR) Records.



You can now purchase and stream Westside Gunn’s ‘Peace “Fly” God’ album at your preferred DSP