This Week’s Episode Of The @HipHopDigest Show Focuses On ‘The Great Divide’

This Week's Episode Of The @HipHopDigest Show Focuses On 'The Great Divide'

Curt G, E.Green, & King Killa (collectively known as The Hip-Hop Digest) are back with another episode for that ass this week on The DigiSpot…The synopsis reads as follows:

America’s got all kind of division issues right now, and Hip Hop is not gonna let America itself take all the limelight. Hip Hop which should be used to unify is all but destroying itself. Young vs. Old, underground vs. commercial. Can’t we all get along? The driver of the gold tank will tell you “yeah, but for a fee.” Or so claims the young troubled one who reached out for mentorship. Google made everyone a DJ for a day. We had Cookbook the PR on with us too! THAT was DOPE! That and a bunch more. Get in, listen, comment, and share!


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