Watch The Snowgoons Remix Of Viro The Virus' 'The Change Up' (@Snowgoons @CaliphNOW @GoonMuSick)

Viro The Virus - The Change Up (Snowgoons Remix) [Music Video Clip]

The Original "THE SHARPEST BLADE" is the last full-length studio album from VIRO THE VIRUS. With an eager focus on producing "hits" that would appeal to a wider audience and get some radio play, VIRO & Caliph-NOW wrote songs and collected production that had a more relatable sound to what was playing at the time. No one would disagree that VIRO THE VIRUS is and will always be "THE SHARPEST BLADE".

Viro The Virus - Sharpest Blade Remixed [Album Artwork]

"THE SHARPEST BLADE REMIXED" is the fifth of five Remix Projects from the original work of VIRO THE VIRUS. Caliph-NOW reached out to close friends, former producers of VIRO, and some new producers to re-release the original "THE SHARPEST BLADE" album with all new production.