Watch The Lyric Video For Wreckage Manner’s (Styles P & Havoc) ‘Nightmares 2 Dreams’

Watch The Lyric Video For Wreckage Manner’s (Styles P & Havoc) ‘Nightmares 2 Dreams’

Hip Hop icons Styles P & Havoc join forces as Wreckage Manner on the official lyric video for their new single, “Nightmares 2 Dreams”, from their upcoming self-titled album.

What happens when you put two extraordinary Hip Hop icons from New York together?!

You get Wreckage Manner, the undeniable rap style and production of Styles P (The LOX), and Havoc (Mobb Deep).

A solidified wordsmith who has consistently waved a flag for the streets and production that is a vessel to every street corner.

The two are now gearing up to release their self-titled debut album, ‘Wreckage Manner’, on December 3 via MNRK Music Group.

Today they drop the first single “Nightmares 2 Dreams”, which is indicative of the feel of the album.

The song encompasses their journey in the game.

The hook relates to the life.

Artistry and truth that could not be a better narrative of hope for those who feel hopeless.

On ‘Wreckage Manner’, Havoc and Styles sit in the pocket of what each does best and delivers a project that reflects their artistry, experience, development, and influence.

‘Wreckage Manner’ is reminiscent of the energy of the golden era and still knocks for the streets today.

Havoc crafts the feel and the orchestration of the beats at the same time as an emcee Havoc lays verses that are introspective, witty, and real while Styles tells the story, builds upon the mood, and accentuates what’s important about the experience crafted over each beat.

Despite coming from different places, they are both at home.

‘Wreckage Manner’ is what happens when two iconic artists who feel rejuvenated continue to be inspired and want to leave an imprint on the art form.

Watch The Lyric Video For Wreckage Manner’s (Styles P & Havoc) ‘Nightmares 2 Dreams’

Wreckage Manner‘ Tracklisting:

  1. Fuck Around
  2. Move How We Wanna
  3. Fiend For
  4. Pay Me In Cash
  5. 21 Gun Salute
  6. YO 2 QB
  7. Havoc And The Ghost
  8. Good As Gold
  9. Hymn To Him
  10. Nightmares 2 Dreams

‘Wreckage Manner’ is currently available for pre-order/pre-save via all major digital service providers

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