Watch The Lyric Video For Dillon & Diamond D’s “Turn The Heat Up”

Watch The Lyric Video For Dillon & Diamond D's “Turn The Heat Up”

Dillon and Diamond D “Turn The Heat Up” on their new animated lyric video

‘Uncut Gems’ is now shipping on vinyl and cassette

Dillon shares the super-dope new lyric video for “Turn The Heat Up”, the emcee’s equally grimy and funky single produced by Diamond D.

When you consider his gifts for wordplay and vivid lyricism, it’s only right that Dillon would bring his verses to life like this.

Even better though, he connected with longtime collaborator and fellow hip-hop polymath, Willie Evans Jr., to create these visuals – with a little help from AI.

The end result is a lyric video that’s as trippy as it is personal.

There’s a heartfelt tribute to the late Paten Locke, comic superhero and villain-like illustrations of Dillon, and slick pop culture references (shout out to “The Shining” and Ghostface, among others).

Check out the visuals and head over to your preferred streaming platform to support Dillon’s well received ‘Uncut Gems’ in vario LP, produced entirely by Diamond D.

The album is available now on vinyl and cassette (with bonus instrumentals) in various bundle formats via Bandcamp, courtesy of FULL PLATE.