Watch The First 3 Episodes Of Talk Show ‘Articul8’ (@Articul8Show @CassandraMariax @TerrollLewis)

Watch The First 3 Episodes Of Talk Show 'Articul8' (@Articul8Show @CassandraMariax @TerrollLewis)

Unfiltered talk, unruly behaviour and undeniably entertaining content, what more can you ask for? “Articul8” is a boundary free, tell all talk show that has been sweeping the web. Presented by Cassandra Maria and social media star and Block Workout’s Terroll Lewis the show provokes debate, digs skeletons out the closet and gets to the nitty and gritty of the somewhat tabooed, resulting in a wave of conversation across the Internet and social media.

How freaky is too freaky? Can vegans swallow? Lucozade bottles and booty loops -yes you read it correctly. It’s the tongue-in-cheek show that is a must watch amongst your friends or even alone – but let me give you a warning – things get heated!

Paving the way for unrestricted, brutally honest and nail-bitingly addictive watching, the show is fronted by Terroll Lewis – a former gang member and prisoner who turned his life around through exercise and fitness to found Block Workout – this man gets down to the shit we really want to know and is damn entertaining in the process too.

We all love a bit of controversy and when you put six panellists, with two hosts plus a crateful of hot topics, it’s guaranteed to get explosive. Think 21 questions meets the truth portion of truth and dare- the stakes get high and things get serious. As a stomping ground for raw and authentic debates they discuss an array of randomly selected topics that are all close to our hearts, ranging from music, fashion, news, food, sex and relationships.

Dishing the dirt and getting real doesn’t just apply to the panelists either as each week the show welcomes a special guest onto the sofa, which has so far included White Yardie and Mayhem NODB and the latest episode, which dropped last night, sees Birmingham grime emcee Safone hit the hot seat. Pushing the guests outside of their comfort zone, the guests participate in a head to head games with the presenters and so far, the results have made for hilarious viewing.

What happens in the studio doesn’t stay in the studio and debates spill on to the streets as the public have their say in the “Street Talk” segment bringing yet another raw and honest edge to this straight talking show whilst topics and views make for some serious thought provocation too.

Grab your popcorn, pull up a seat and get comfortable as you’re about to get hooked to the “Articul8” show.

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Episode 3:

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