Watch Part 1 Of James 'Kraze' Billings' ‘DRIP: The Rise & Fall Of 90's Streetwear Fashion’ Documentary
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Watch Part 1 Of James ‘Kraze’ Billings’ ‘DRIP: The Rise & Fall Of 90’s Streetwear Fashion’ Documentary

James ‘Kraze’ Billings presents DRIP: The Rise & Fall Of 90’s Streetwear Fashion”: Part 1

The 90’s was a era like NO other.

It produced more multi-million dollar Black companies in music & fashion.

These companies grossed over 500 million dollars at their highest sales.

But did you ever wonder: “With all the success, what truly made 90% of them vanish within less then 10 years?”

Because the film’s producer & director, James “Kraze” Billings, was there during the height of it all, he offers a good perspective of what happened.

The “DRIP: The Rise & Fall Of 90’s Streetwear Fashion” documentary will explore several companies’ impact & success and the reason it went all dripping away!!!


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