Watch Lyric Jones’ NPR Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

Watch Lyric Jones’ NPR Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

Lyric Jones is a culturally authentic and classic Bostonian. It’s evident through her music and the insightful words she shares between songs that she’s got a signature northeastern demeanor and the “true school” flow and lyrical content to match.

With that demeanor also comes an unceasing work ethic, and Lyric makes it abundantly clear that her hustle is nonstop – writing, rapping, singing, drumming, engineering, and grinding it out to make ‘Gas Money‘ (the title of her latest album). This quintuple threat, trained in the Berklee College of Music’s City Music program, recorded this Tiny Desk (home) concert from her studio in Los Angeles in May.

Her multi-layered prowess is present on “Adulting” a song about the evolutionary growth that happens in your late 20s and early 30s. Lyric uses a TC Helicon vocal processor to create percussive beats, looping her voice as a backdrop and packing a punch with vocal harmonies and ad libs.

In grappling with the pandemic, Lyric expresses the deep importance of this moment: “Whatever we put out in this time, in this era is a bookmark in history. Especially as musicians. … For me, my personal testament, I want to be intentional. … My children’s children are gonna know about this time. And I want to know that I impacted it with intentional music, intentional thoughts, insights and perspectives.” She is doing just that.

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