Watch Lenon Honor’s ‘Umar Johnson: War On Black Boys’ Documentary

Watch Lenon Honor's 'Umar Johnson: War On Black Boys' Documentary

Lenon Honor presents Umar Johnson: War On Black Boys (The Shockumentary He Does Not Want You To See)

On January 6th, 2010, Umar Johnson announced that FDMG Academy would open on September 11th, 2013.

The Umar Johnson school scam has been ongoing for over 10 years.

This short documentary will illustrate how Umar Johnson’s threats of physical violence are consistently directed at Black boys, Black women, and Black men, and that his rhetoric reveals a deep-seeded hatred for Black women, Black girls, and so called “Black male thugs”.

Furthermore, this documentary will illustrate how Umar Johnson has continuously issued threats of physical violence against people who have spoken out against his dangerous and hate-filled rhetoric while encouraging his followers to act violently on his behalf.

Umar Abdullah Johnson a.k.a. Jermaine Shoemake was born on August 21st, 1974 in North Central, Philadelphia.

Umar Johnson, the self-proclaimed “Prince of Pan Africanism”, has a torrid history of threatening people with physical violence.

On September 28th, 2017, an article written by David Sentendrey and titled “Advocate for violence against ‘bad cops’ to speak at JCSU” was posted on!!!

The article reads in part: “A controversial speaker pushing for violent retaliation against police brutality will speak in December at Johnson C. Smith University. Dr. Umar Johnson has advocated for people to shoot and kill law enforcement officers in cases of police brutality.”

Umar Johnson’s 2017 promotion of murdering police officers is comparable to Umar Johnson’s 2013 promotion of murdering so-called “Black boy thugs”.

To be clear, when Umar Johnson states “Some of them going to sleep for good” he is stating that these Black boy thugs needs to be murdered.

In 2019, Umar Johnson promoted the murder of 10% of Black boys.

Umar Johnson encourages Black people to buy more guns in preparation for his Black civil war against 10% of Black boys.

This would mean that Umar Johnson wants to murder 1 out of every 10 black boys in the United States of America.

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