Watch Irene Maffei’s ‘Built To Be’ Short Film

Watch Irene Maffei's 'Built To Be' Short Film

Million Youth Media presents Built To Be – Short Film [HD]

Synopsis: Shray is nearing his final exams at college, however, the stress of exam preparations and his caring duties for his fibro-patient father causes Shray to rely heavily on Marijuana. When the head of year at Shray’s college catches wind of Shray’s dealings, Mr Lynch intervenes promptly, but will it be enough for him to help Shray find a better path?

Starring: Samantha Okan, Adam Deacon, Akash Prasad, Alex Esmail, Balbir Sudera, Mia Lysandrou, Non Vaughan-O’Hagan, Pete Lewis, Anwen Bull, James Arama, Ro Ashika, Andrew Hillary
Writers: Akash Prasad, Liam Cartz
Director: Irene Maffei

Release Date: May 21, 2020
Copyright: © 2020 Surrealshot Vision/Ashika Films/Fully Focused Productions/Million Youth Media

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