Watch I.Am.Tru.Starr's 'Smoke Break' Short Film (@IAmTruStarr)
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Watch I.Am.Tru.Starr’s ‘Smoke Break’ Short Film (@IAmTruStarr)

With an inexhaustible amount of creativity woven deep into the layers of who he is and his artistry, recording music artist, I.Am.Tru.Starr is – indeed – a star in the making. Making sure he was able to come correct with his talents, the Rochester born musician is now stepping out amongst the shadows with a mission larger than an average vocalist’s.

To kick the final quarter of 2018 off, Tru.Starr is ready to unveil his long awaited short film which features two lead singles, “Go Goku” and “Asap (Redux).” Both singles put Tru.Starr’s soulful vocals on display. “Go Goku” finds Tru.Starr harmonizing over a laid back production which segues seamlessly into “Asap (Redux).” On “Asap (Redux),” Tru Starr’s producer takes on 90’s R&B classic, “Touch Me Tease Me” by Case featuring Foxy Brown.

In the video titled, “Smoke Break,” the short film follows a hitman named “Smoke” who is expecting the birth of his first child (a son). He’s trying his best to get out of “the life” of violence and crime – wanting to do better for his future child, and his lady (who isn’t aware of his criminal activities). This allows her to see smoke for the loving man that he could be and not the killer he really is.

The underlying message of the idea is that in life, there is a cost one must pay in order to live a life that they truly desire. But the price is rising fast – like smoke.

Written & Co-Directed by I.Am.Tru.Starr
Shot & Co-Directed by Sinema