Watch BBC Africa Eye’s “Seychelles, Heroin, & Me” Documentary

Watch BBC Africa Eye's "Seychelles, Heroin, & Me" Documentary

The Seychelles is known as a tropical paradise with a multi-million dollar tourist industry.

But beyond the 5-star hotels and azure beaches is a country in turmoil.

Based on population, Seychelles has the biggest heroin problem in the world with around 10% of Seychellois dependent on the drug.

Joseph Fady Banane, who’s lived on the islands all his life, was one of them.

Now free of heroin, Fady investigates the secret epidemic that lies behind the luxury.

Meeting drug users, dealers, police, and the communities caught in the middle, Fady confronts a painful past and tries to reconnect with those he loves…and almost lost.


Africa Eye Editor: Tom Watson

Produced and Directed by Louise Adamou & Chris Alcock

Reporter: Joseph Fady Banane

Camera: Chris Alcock

Second Camera: Louise Adamou

Film Editors: Domenico Favata & Carole Bertinet

Local Producer: Rassin Vannier

Reversioning Producer: Anna Payton

Social Media Producer: Anusha Kumar

Digital Producer: Tamasin Ford

Impact Producer: Courtney Bembridge

Production Manager: Simon Frost

Online Editor: Chris Stott

Dubbing Mixer: Jez Spencer

Color Grader: Boyd Nagle

Graphics: Aslan Livingstone RA

Production Coordinator: Sarah Clarke

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